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New Tech 5", 6" 5/6" Combo


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New Tech MACH II 5", 6" & 5/6" Combo Gutter Machine


Click here to Download Mach II Brochure in PDF format.

Click here to Download Mach II Pricing in PDF format.


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  • Separate Polyurethane Drive Rollers
  • Stainless Steel Forming Rollers
  • Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry and Exit Ends
  • Forward Pulling, Easy Cut Shear
  • Power Interruption Safety Circuit
  • Two 360Ί Rotatable Reel Stands with Easy Lift Reels
  • Electric Motor
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame

Weight 1000 lbs (454kg) 1250 lbs (570kg) 1350 lbs (610kg)
Length 8’ (2.4m) 10’ (3.0m) 10’ (3.0m)
Height 3’10” (1.2m) 3’10” (1.2m) 3’10” (1.2m)
Width 2’ (.6m) 2’ (.6m) 2’ (.6m)
plus shear handle plus shear handle plus shear handle

50 ft./min (18 m/min) Approx.
Manually Powered, Hardened Tool
Steel Blade and Dies
Polyurethane Rollers
Materials Formed
Steel 30 ga. to 24 ga. (.3mm to .6mm)
Aluminum .019” to .032” (.5mm to .8mm)
Copper 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard (.5mm to .7mm)
Material Width
5” Machine: 11-3/4” to 12-3/8” (300mm to 315mm)
6” Machine: 15” (380mm)
Note: Requires 10 gauge, 15 Amp Extension Cord.


Turnstile Reel Stand
Machine mounted stand for holding reeled coils of material. Rotates 360 degrees for ease of loading. Machine capacity is 3 total.

Reels 15” or 20” ID
Adjustable width reels will accept
11 7/8” or 15” wide material for 5” or 6” gutter. Capacity 1,000lb.

Run Out Stand
Supports gutter as it runs out of machine. Tripod style stands with 1 adjustable leg for leveling and conveyor roller to support gutter. One stand recommend for every 20’ of gutter. Adjustable in height from 31 ½” to 45”.


Transfer Rack
Used to transfer loaded coils from one turnstile reel stand to the other. (1 set / machine needed)


Geared Shear
Mechanically advantaged forward pulling shear for cutting 5” & 6” gutter to length.

Coil Cradle
Used to hold full or partial coils for 5” and 6” gutter. Can be machine or floor mounted. Capacity 700lbs.

Alcoa Hook
Forms a 5/16” hook on the back of the gutter for use with free float hanger system. Also accommodates standard hangers or spike ferrule.


Back Flange 1” and 1 ½”
Forms 1” or 1 ½” flange on back of 5” or 6”gutter eliminating the need for flashing. Used with 5” or 6” machine only.

Back Flange Shear
Mechanically advantaged forward pulling shear for cutting 5” and 6” back flange gutter to length.


12 Volt Electrical System
DC Motor and control to allow operation of machine with 12volt battery. (Battery not included).


Bottom Bead Assembly
Adds unique design to bottom of gutter.



New Tech Machinery is Warranted for:

  • -Limited THREE year parts/one year labor
  • -Limited lifetime separation on drive rollers
  • -Limited lifetime on stainless steel forming rollers

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